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BDSM: What It Is, What It Is Not

BDSM: What It Is, What It Is Not written by: lambrickie

For some people, the term BDSM resembles images of people connected in chains, in some dark secret dungeon and whipped up senseless in some twisted, if not eerie, pleasure. You know, indulgence for those who border on mental illness.


So, what are BDSM and what kind of people practice it?


BDSM is the abbreviation Bondage and Discipline (B & D), Dominance and Submission (D & S) and sadism and masochism, known as sadomasochism. Although there is a variant of the definition of the term, this is the most widespread.


Let’s go a little further and briefly describe each of the sub-terms:


1. Binding refers to the practice of physical restraint of man with the help of devices such as handcuffs, ropes, chains, etc.


2. Discipline refers to the process of punishment or punishment.


3. Sadism: means are getting pleasure from personal satisfaction from causing pain, suffering or cruelty.


4. Masochism: means are getting pleasure from mental, emotional or physical pain.


Although the main subgroups of BDSM are within their definition, it covers an extensive range of practices, some of which are obvious, while others are not so obvious. These include;


1. Service or slavery


2. Spanking / flogging / canning / flogging


3. Suspension bracket


4. Humiliation


5. Sadism/masochism


6. Sensory deprivation (for example, with blindfolded eyes)


7. Body Piercing and Tattoo


8. Restriction of movement


9. Sensational reproduction (example, tickling)


10. Medical procedures


BDSM includes but is not limited to, any combination of the above practices. Practice is as diverse as the people involved in it. One common denominator is eroticism.


What kind of people practice BDSM?


Unlike images captured in our media minds, BDSM is not necessarily hardcore sadism or pornography. BDSM activities are carried out by people from all walks of life, from different walks of life and nationality, as well as by all sexual orientations, including married couples. In most cases, participants are usually normal, even respectable people in their communities.


Is abuse of BDSM?


People who practice this, say they do it for fun. The emphasis is on SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual). It’s not about dominating or forcing another person to do what they do not want to do. It’s about how both sides do what they want to do. It includes two bright sides.


BDSM can also be thin and very erotic, as in the case of tickling or stimulation of sensitive parts of the body with a pen, brush or the like. There may or may not be a pain.


BDSM requires great trust between the parties involved. If you can not be trusted, it will be difficult for you to find partners.




Well, that’s where it gets complicated because we humans are complex creatures. There are as many reasons as there are people. The most obvious are good old fun. Some people do this to fulfill their fantasies. For others, this is a role-playing game. For some, it’s just a sense of domination or subordination. The list is endless.


Is this just another trend?


The media, when they do not beat, perceive BDSM quite easily, as if a passing trend. Financial success and the continued growth of companies that sell equipment for slavery show that this is much more.


Where do you find partners?


The Internet has allowed people to find others with similar interests around the world. They can communicate anonymously, as well as acquire the necessary tools and toys without looking at their shoulder. Special websites now offer BDSM-dating.


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